New Mandola

I have added a Mandola to the range. It is available in A-style and 2 point versions.

Here’s the family of 2 points

Upgraded Specification

I was so pleased with the latest A5 that I upgraded the tuners to these new Rubner ones and added a James tailpiece. I will be offering this as a standard upgrade on all new commisions.

Prices will be dependent on model and choice of tuners as F-type tuners cost more than A-type.

Colour choices

My 2-point mandolins are my most popular model. I am now offering 3 standard colours, from left to right, red brown, light brown and mid brown.

Two more 2-points

Mandolins No. 14 & 15 are two more 2-point mandolins. No. 15 is the lighter brown, one finished this July and just sent off to its new owner in Milan.

Latest A5

My latest mandolin is another A5, finished this time in a Golden Brown violin varnish. The latest builds have a violin-style internal lining in place of the usual slotted mahogany kerfings. this increases the ‘free area’ of top and bottom plates without a change in body size. This is a great sound mandolin that ‘plays like butter’. Really nice ‘corduroy’ finish on the top too.


New A4 Mandolin

IMG_0682A new addition to my V-Series range, this A4 mandolin has the same overall geometry as my A5 models. Built with an oval sound hole and cross bracing it has a rich, sonorous sound ideal for folk, old-time and jazz, whilst maintaining good presence and projection.